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Millennium Sport Technologies Cordygen5 90 Caplets

Part Number B001MM3J30
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Millennium Sport Technologies Cordygen5 90 Caplets
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Target Response Oxygen Ultilization And ATP Matrix!

incorporates 100% organic, highly concentrated extracts of five strains & four species of cordyceps for maximum oxygen utilization, cellular energy, stamina and ATP production. Cordygen5's oxygen utilization enhancing effects have been touted by many users as a natural, legal and effective alternative to EPO. Cordygen5 is the strongest performance enhancing cordyceps product on the market and may provide up to 30% increases in ATP and up to 40% increases in oxygen utilization. Cordygen5 is perfect for anyone who wants to increase their ATP levels but doesn't want to consume creatine due to its common side effects.

Cordygen5 is also ideal for anyone who is a non responder to creatine products but still wants reap its benefits. The added bonus is the tremendous increase in oxygen utilization that Cordygen5 provides. Cordygen5 will allow all athletes, amateur or professional to break through their aerobic and anaerobic plateaus, maximizing strength and endurance. Whether you are a bodybuilder, powerlifter, martial artist, triathlete, cyclist, runner, swimmer, skier, snowboarder, hunter, climber, wrestler, golfer, tennis, football, basketball, hockey or baseball player, you'll maximize your performance with Cordygen5.

Cordygen5 is a pure, solid state fermented, super potent blend of extracts from four strains and five species of cordyceps including Cordyceps Sinensis Alohaensis Hybrid, CS4 strain Cordyceps Sinensis, Cordyceps Militaris, Cordyceps Sobolifera and Cordyceps Ophioglossoides. The Cordyceps Sinensis Alohaensis Hybrid strain contains the highest HEAA (Hydroxy Ethyl Adenosine Analogs) levels ever measured and biological active ingredient levels about 5.3 times higher than the best wild collected samples. The potency of the Cordygen5 cordyceps blend comes from the proprietary combination of cordyceps strains and the way these strains are cultured and extracted.

Almost all cordyceps strains are cultured in a process called liquid cultivation or fermentation. This process uses a liquid substrate to grow the cordyceps mycelium in a very speedy 5-18 days, yielding low levels of active constituents. The cordyceps mycelium is then harvested by filtering out the liquid medium, drying it and grinding it into a powder. By filtering out the liquid medium many of the quality compounds secreted by the cordyceps are lost. It is usually further processed using hot water or solvents resulting in the loss of nearly 90% of the active constituents of which it had few of to begin with due to the fast liquid culturing process.

Cordygen5 is grown using a solid state (solid substrate) or biomass method. This is a much slower culturing method where the cordyceps is grown on a sterilized solid medium such as organic grain. The cordyceps is allowed to consume the solid substrate while being subjected to temperature and gas changes (O2 and CO2) to simulate its native high altitude conditions. This process typically takes between 22 and 24 weeks (nearly 6 months) before the cordyceps is ready for harvest. When the cordyceps mycelium is ready to harvest it has consumed more than 98% of the solid medium in which it was cultured on.

The residual substrate is then removed yielding 100% pure, super potent cordyceps material with extremely high concentrations of active constituents from every facet of its life cycle. The cordyceps is then extracted & concentrated to increase it's potency up to 20X. This process allows Cordygen5 to exceed the potency of other cordyceps products on the market by up to 95%.

Tibetan Sherpas use cordyceps to enhance energy production and oxygen utilization when climbing Mt. Everest. In 1993 the Chinese Women's National Track Team used cordyceps to set nine world records, three by staggering margins. In this country its use has been researched for it's enhancement of energy production with applications in athletic performance and fatigue. Cordyceps has been clinically proven to enhance ATP production, increase oxygen utilization, improve VO2 Max, increase SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase) activity, support immune function, support healthy kidney function, support healthy cholesterol levels, protect the liver and improve glucose metabolism. One study even suggests that cordyceps may improve testosterone production in leydig cells.

Benefits of Cordygen5 Supplementation:

  • Increase Oxygen Utilization 40%
  • Increase ATP 30%
  • Massive Aerobic & Anaerobic Endurance
  • Enhance Aerobic & Anaerobic Recovery
  • Great Strength Increases
  • Increase Training Intensity
  • Decrease Fatigue
  • Increase Testosterone
  • Ability to Pack Large Volume Training into Short Periods
  • Supports Healthy Immune Function
  • US & International Patents Pending
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