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EFS Liquid Shot New Kona Mocha

Posted by First Endurance on 4/4/2012


OptygenHP & MultiV

Ultragen & Banana smoothie with SoGood Coconut Milk. Two Koala Krisp cereal bars with table spoon coconut oil and 1/2 bar of dark chocolate. Two laughing giraffe coconut snackaroons. I recently switched to more coconut milk/oil because of the medium chain triglycerides. Calories about 1,500.

* I have pre-determined that I need A LOT of salt. The amount of salt I consume is not recommended for all.


One serving EFS LL or Fruit Punch + 2 salt stick caps + 1 scoop PreRace

On bike at start of race:
  • 1x 26oz bottle with 3 scoops of EFS fruit punch with 3x salt stick (~300cal)
  • 1x 20oz specialized virtue aero bottle with 2 scoops of EFS lemon lime with 1x EFS liquid shot berry (~600cal)
  • 4x gel pack taped onto frame. I’d prefer EFS LS, but I use GU Roctane until you can make some single serve gels.
  • At Special Needs: I don’t always count on this and adjust my plan accordingly.
  • 1x 22oz bottle with 2 scoops of EFS and 2x salt stick at special needs
On Course/Aid Stations
  • 6x salt stick caps (2x/hr starting at hr #2)
  • 4 (maybe one more; maybe one less; I forgot) Powerbar Ironman Perform
  • 4 x 1/3 bottle water (maybe less actually drank. Mostly just to rinse the mouth out and wash off my hands and keep cool)
  • Calories about 1,800 to 1,900
I leave the run with one EFS LS flask which I carry in my hand. I plan to sip on this and follow up with water at aid stations. I also carry salt-sticks and use as needed. If the race gets really hot, I tend not to want anything thicker than water. If this is the case, I have the confidence that my on-bike nutrition will help me get through the run with minimal issues. I will consume the on-course drink and on-course coke and water until the finish.

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 EFS Liquid Shot New Kona Mocha
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