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EFS Energy Drink Mix 30 Serving | First Endurance Electrolyte Drink Mix
EFS Energy Drink Mix
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EFS Energy Drink Mix 30 Serving | First Endurance Electrolyte Drink Mix

Part Number B003ASTMK8
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The new EFS provides premium nutrition that supports physical and mental performance for elite athletes, redefining the limits of endurance nutrition so you can redefine the limits of endurance.

Improves mental toughness
Prevents cramping & helps you hydrate fast
Provides immediate & sustained fuel

EFS (Electrolyte Fuel System) combines the latest clinical research and technology with input from some of the best endurance athletes in the world. The result: a great-tasting energy drink that provides ALL the ingredients you need to maximize endurance. Clinical research shows endurance athletes require much higher levels of electrolytes than most sports drinks provide in order to prevent cramping and dehydration. Each serving of EFS provides all five electrolytes in the levels endurance athletes need to stay hydrated and maximize endurance. So you don't have to carry extra electrolyte pills or bother adding anything to your energy drink anymore.

Fluid loss plays a major factor in performance. Studies show that when you lose 2-3% of the body's fluid through sweat, performance decreases by up to 7%. This can be the difference between winning and not even finishing. Electrolytes promote the absorption of water during exercise. When you sweat, you lose essential electrolytes, which can result in cramping and dehydration. The transfer of nutrients and water, in and out of the cell, known as cellular respiration requires all five electrolytes in a precise balance for maximum cellular efficiency. Dedicated endurance athletes require much higher levels of electrolytes than can be found in most drinks. Each serving of EFS provides all five electrolytes, in the levels endurance athletes need, to stay hydrated and prevent dehydration.

EFS is the first endurance drink to be fortified with clinically effective doses of the amino acids Glutamine, Leucine, Iso-leucine and Valine. These key amino acids have been shown to improve glycogen re-synthesis and delay central (mental) fatigue through their positive influence on the tryptophan/branched chain amino acid ratio. The latest research reveals that it's these specific free-form amino acids that are inherent in protein, not the complete protein itself, that improves glycogen resynthesis and delays central (mental) fatigue. The benefits of using free-form amino acids are threefold: because they're small molecules they are much easier to digest and absorb while exercising, they don't cause bloating, and they don't cause gas. EFS also contains 200% RDA of Vitamin C to enhance the body's immune function, fight free radicals and keep you healthy for future training and racing.

Consuming carbohydrates during prolonged exercise enhances performance by supplying energy for muscles to use when glycogen stores begin to drop. EFS was specifically formulated to deliver the ideal blend of complex carbohydrates, glucose (dextrose) and sucrose for energy. Clinical research shows a combination of carbohydrates is better than a single source for the absorption and utilization of blood glucose. EFS also provides three different high-glycemic sources of carbohydrates for immediate energy and easy digestion during long and intense workouts. The low osmolality of the EFS energy drink and ideal 7% carbohydrate solution provides superior fluid absorption. Clinical research shows that energy drinks mixed between 6-8% offer the optimal absorption of both carbohydrates and fluid for endurance racing and training.

Customer Reviews
Rating Made a Difference
Bought this product as my electrolyte drink when mountain and road biking. Tried it on our first ride of the season. A 4-hour mountain bike ride. EFS definitely helped me make it through compared to what I was using before. Tastes good too!
  Reviewed by:   from Colorado Springs, CO. on 4/4/2015
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